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Pyromaniac Rumble

i love how rumble plays. but he looked far to cutesy for a psychotic thermophile rodent. Retinted his suit To look...

N0TH1NGF4C3 - 59,914 views
Pure Brand (with particles and loadscreen)

This Download includes: -spell particles -taunt particles -basic attack particles -flame particles ( he is on fir...

slovenc555 - 145,521 views
Tristana NewComerSkin

My 6th Skin^^

master28 - 30,337 views
Poppy NewComerSkin

My 7th Skin^^

master28 - 25,454 views
Malphite The Rainbow Rock V1

Updated him so hes a little darker + Particles

Aekill - 21,773 views
[SZ] Jax Brand

i retex pax jax with brand texture an experiment which looks good in viewer but different from game due to my graphic...

zakuham - 58,884 views
Red/Black Ninja/Spec Ops Teemo

Yea, I didn't know what to call him exactly. I just wanted to give a half decent description. I know this has been ...

Braveheart93 - 41,588 views
Akali Secretary V2

New version =), Fixed some mapping bugs, added little details, new dress color, now with glasses, now with loadi...

franja2190 - 410,916 views
Bloody Trundle

Well, my first recolour! Just bought Trundle and wanted a scarier skin, and I though, Why not? Includes: *Trundle ...

Annuseth - 38,082 views
Dark Lord Mordekaiser

So this is my reskin for the latest (and pretty cool) skin of Riot Lord Mordekaiser. Basically I darkened the skin a...

trashbringer - 44,106 views

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