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Mordekaiser NewComerSkin

My 2th Skin^^

master28 - 20,338 views
Trynda NewComerSkin + Particles (UPDATE) V4

My first skin^^+(Particles) Tattoo On Sword and breast

master28 - 29,740 views
King Rammus with paticles + LoadScreen

this is the king rammus skin, the legendary one. I did not make this skin, i wanted it but there wasn't any custom sk...

turtleeee - 30,539 views
Master Yi NewComerSkin

My 4th Skin^^

master28 - 27,048 views

Burn bro, burrrrrrnnn. Yo. -Skin -Loadscreen&icon -Particles

bebo - 99,931 views
[aZoT] SteamPunk Shaco

Title says it all *To install: Extract to your LoL install directory ChangeLog: v1.0 Skin+Loadscreen v1.1 Add...

iosif - 39,524 views
Miku DJ

I take no credit for skin and I just re textured it to make it look like Miku Skins is made by FrenziedSheep c...

l3lacklagoon - 56,627 views
Pahte NewComerSkin

My 5th Skin^^

master28 - 22,102 views
Scaled Malphite (fishlike)

Hello everybody :) it's my first skin Updated : scaled more fish than stone malphite ^^ Repaired W finally xD bu...

gwozd3k - 26,245 views

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