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[SZ]Sax Jax v1.0

Pax Jax retex concept by sucker punch and made under cape transparent, sakkat with eye view ^^ 1st time editing textu...

zakuham - 35,398 views
SPAWN Nocturne

Nocturne has become Spawn!!! Video preview:

bebo - 90,248 views - Updated: 5 years, 11 months ago
Anivia NewComerSkin

My 3th Skin^^

master28 - 23,590 views
Cassiopeia, the Poisonous Red Rose

Greetings Summoners, long time no see! Lighane got creative again. And do you know why? Because she spottet Twiste...

Skeld - 80,805 views
Silveron Rammus 1.0

My first try in making a Rammus skin Hope it isn't too bad Please comment if you like Create a new folder : Lea...

Zeini - 35,419 views
DANGER ZONE.....Rumble

Didn't change much, made everything yellowish, tossed caution tape everywhere, gave him a leather jacket with an AMER...

Solacracy - 61,245 views
Carnage [Icekwl]

Pack includes: *Skin *Particles Spiderman's Carnage skin. It was a pain to do. And it's not even that good. But ...

icekwl - 46,926 views
Gaylord Taric

A friend of mine really loves pink taric. I went ahead and made his pink taric even pinker. It's a very basic resk...

Jelle - 32,334 views
Closed Beta Kassadin

Please reference this thread for the origins of this skin:

tazmcfly - 34,698 views - Updated: 6 years, 2 months ago
Silveron Blitzcrank

Hey This is my first try making a Blitzcrank skin Hope you like =) please comment if you want

Zeini - 36,652 views

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