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TMNT skin pack. -Red(Raphael) -Blue(Leonardo) -Orange(Michelangelo) -Purple(Donatello) -loading screen - all c...

turtleeee - 27,563 views
V for Vladimir

My first skin Sadly no particles because i suck

Mr Allmighty - 53,332 views
Hordistar,The Rainbow

Just for fun

Hordistar - 36,432 views
Lich King w/custom anims particles and badass size

I have by no means made this skin, nor the particles- credits for the skin go to Excise

Epion - 48,232 views
Blue Vladimir

Hey Guys, this is my third Skin for League of Legends and i just colored Vladimir a little blue cuz i like Blue :o) ...

laerning - 32,033 views
Teemo The PinkBunny

With load screen

PowerRade - 36,735 views
Several two-colored Anivia skins

These are four Anivia skins, including loadscreens. No particles yet, I will make them if people like the skins. R...

Hoidebest - 46,750 views
Rainbow Akali

2nd try

Hordistar - 23,566 views
Pikachivir,The easter Mistress

3rd try with PARTICLES

Hordistar - 33,394 views
Cho Maw

This skin will allow Kog'Maw to do what his story tells he does: Eat! Same as with my 'Akalicator'-skin; you can als...

Nysta - 65,063 views

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