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Champion: Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time
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Ninja from Time (for Sandstorm)

*AVAILABLE FOR SIU AND WOOXY* *Video preview:* I started to make this skin for the defa...

Racno - 17,382 views - Updated: 2 years ago
Ekko Guardian de luz


Kulkulcano - 13,239 views

More images found here - *plz note there is small color changes (not seen in photos) that...

enz - 17,588 views - Updated: 2 years ago
Ekko Tiamat

es bonito y ya esta fin.

Kulkulcano - 15,340 views - Updated: 2 years ago
Arcade Ekko

Hope you will like it , it's my second skin ^^ Updated : Shadow are modified + some particules has been colored

PandaJo - 51,231 views - Updated: 1 year, 10 months ago
Punk Genius Ekko

Hey guys, it's a week now I'm trying Ekko and I personally like it rly much, so I decided to make a skin for him. Thi...

Racno - 10,478 views
Persian Ekko

My second skin. It was inspired by my favourite game sequel of all time: Prince of Persia. I hope you like it! Post s...

Perceval7 - 24,947 views - Updated: 2 years ago
Ekko love jinx

This is my first recoloration , hope you will like it ^^ Put it in Wooxy/SIU for install it ^^

PandaJo - 20,165 views

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