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Champion: Kindred, the Eternal Hunters
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Kindred Pastel + Particles

Visit my channel for an overview and dowload link :D

eondarkness - 3,244 views
Mononoke Kindred

Just a little project I've been working on, only problem is that there's no file for Wolf's flame so it remains purpl...

SeducedPigeon - 2,824 views - Updated: 8 months, 1 week ago
[Skin Request] Elderwood Kindred

Please please please can some one make this one? No one made this skin yet.

krabby12 - 13,796 views
NB3/Black&Blue Kindred + Particles (mostly)

As requested a NB3ish Kindred. I couldn't figure a good place to put the NB3 logo so I didn't put 1 on. As always ...

Cuddlemachine - 9,163 views
Rainbow Kindred WIP (Video included)

Kindred base skin recolour which original purpose was to imaitate Rainbow Dash. This skin includes: - New models for...

SexyLamb - 5,714 views
Red N Blue Kindred + New Particles

A bit of new base and particle effects with red and blue theme.

DaoNamSkins - 7,406 views
Fox Kindred(Recolor Skin and Abilities)

Just a recolor on Kindred and most of her abilities and passive. Some things did not work out like there is a little ...

tennis11 - 5,822 views
Kitsune Kindred by Sislex

I saw a skin concept for this and fell in love with the idea, since I've become very fond of Kindred. This is a quick...

Sislex - 27,799 views
Cherry Blossom Kindred {~Including Particles~}

Hello! :3 My new skin is done! Yay! I hope you'll enjoy it! I changed particles to be a little bit reddish pink or ...

LittleLamb - 9,953 views
Underworld Kindred

SKIN FOR SHADOWFIRE KINDRED INCLUDES PARTICLES AND ABILITIES Hey guys here's my second skin, I know there's an is...

SeducedPigeon - 34,684 views

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