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Champion: Ahri, The Nine-Tailed Fox
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Rainbow Xayah !

Click the link in the txt file to download it (because its size is too big to be downloaded directly from this site)

TheBamboozleRacoon - 4,832 views - Updated: 4 days, 15 hours ago
Pool Part Ahri V2

A second version of Pool Party Ahri made by me. I utilised a Nyotengo model base with swimsuit and different hair ...

me1992 - 7,706 views
Sweetheart Ahri by Sislex

Install with Wooxy

Sislex - 7,041 views
Pool Party Ahri Re-fix

Retexture of Bikin Ahri. Fixed limbs and wrapping issues, no particles, replaces classic ahri. No splash art replacem...

Square Pupils - 8,100 views - Updated: 10 months, 3 weeks ago
Spellthief Ahri

Spellthief Ahri. It replaces Foxfire Ahri ; I can take requests and try to make it replace the default one, but proba...

Square Pupils - 3,525 views - Updated: 10 months, 3 weeks ago
Modified Academy for Challenger

Recolored tails to match her ear color, removed backpack, popstar animations, and new loading screen (http://manusia-...

Hummus on Bread - 7,336 views
Black & White Challenger Ahri

It's a black and white recolor of Challenger Ahri. Comes with a new load screen! Wooxy Compatible!

Sh4d0wSt4r - 3,741 views
Ninetail Hatsune Miku as Ahri

New creation from TimeWe featuring Hatsune Miku in red and white theme color! What's inside: HUD icons Ability i...

LbLoL - 8,250 views
Heartseeker Ahri (Concept)

This custom skin includes Custom model Custom particles Custom VO/SFX Follow the installation instructions text...

LbLoL - 9,478 views
Academy ahri


VOjtajn - 3,961 views

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