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Priscilla The Spider Queen

Hello Kelz Kun with another account this time I bring something with you and worked a lot and had problems starting m...

Kelzang1 - 3,639 views
Snowman Urgot

install with wooxy

Baecker Skins - 4,973 views
urgot texture rebalance

I recolored some part of urgot to make him looks more like his loading screen . hope u like it :))

zznhoz198zz - 6,615 views - Updated: 2 years, 11 months ago
BattleCast Urgot [Minor Recolor - NO Particles]

Hi, I'm Krabitz (EUW), I am present my first skin custom, it is Urgot (my main) the recolor is on the skin "Batt...

Krabitz - 10,030 views - Updated: 3 years, 9 months ago
Ugly Urgot

The new skin from urgot to he stay more ugly!!!

dillenburg - 12,556 views
Urgot 2.0

This is just a small update i made to suit my likings. Keep the colors black/yellow, made the flesh look more rott...

encKitsune - 31,560 views
Hibernated Urgot

. . . uhm hello !

quaddamage08 - 20,534 views
Cyborg Urgot+Particles.

I only did some of the particles but I was tired of how UGLY Urgot is so I skinned him. I made him into a robot.* ...

Kaichou - 36,949 views
UndeadGentleman Urgot, with particles, First I mad

I made this because of the Gentleman Cho'Gath Costume. Now we have a Gentleman Urgot, complete with particles. Chan...

NewEnd - 26,958 views
Gentleman Urgot

Hey heres an idea from my brother so i made it Enjoy The .RAR contains Thest following items: Silver version Folder...

dizap001 - 94,434 views

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