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Champion: Malzahar, The Prophet of the Void
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Old malzahar

Please download it here :

jackmon - 3,698 views
Dokter Doom Malzahar!

My latest skin: Doctor Viktor Von Doom! I thought he fitted Malzahar very well Just Install in Wooxy or SIU and en...

Earus - 3,857 views
Hellcast Malzahar

This is my first skin the particles were a little bit edited but not fully re-made. When you try to install the skin ...

Hystic - 3,450 views
Custom Femzahar Skin (with particles!)

Video Spotlight: My own recolor of Cereus's Femzahar skin. The particles have been upda...

syicrone - 8,276 views - Updated: 2 years ago
Malzahar is handsome now

Replaces the newly textured pink Malzahar (with no eyebrows) with this darker texture (with a handsome face that has ...

JediDJT - 7,136 views
Homeless Malzahar

Make sure you check out Kshaways video for the skin too: Install: In...

Baecker Skins - 16,748 views
White Voidling Snow Day Malzahar

White voidling for Snow Day Malzahar skin. Simple recolor/balance. YOU NEED THE SKIN ITSELF - this is just a textur...

XarsYs - 9,507 views - Updated: 2 years, 4 months ago
Inferno Malzahar

stil a work in progress... keep checking for updates

Swartkat888 - 4,576 views - Updated: 2 years, 8 months ago
battlecast malzahar

I got a little distracted with Yi, but im finely don with my main project. BATTLECAST MALZAHAR! new textures for both...

league of skins - 16,365 views
2BG Prevoid Malzahar (particles)

this is a skin i came up with today that i actually really like and i hope u like it too :D i know the model is not ...

2BudsGaming - 6,352 views - Updated: 3 years ago

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