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Champion: Akali, The Fist of Shadow
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Hello everyone!! I've been working on this skin all this month. Is not the best skin you will found, but i think it's...

RayoNocturno - 3,277 views
Beige Hair Akali

New hair and new kamas with some new pants.

DaoNamSkins - 2,830 views
Championship Akali (Headhunter recolor with partic

This skin looks better in game than on images. I can't do screen from game and thats my prob. I tried to record it,...

Nirayer - 4,425 views - Updated: 1 year, 2 months ago
Akali Shadow

This is my first mod for akali For view My mod :

ardwins - 2,923 views
Valentine/Loveseeker Akali

I couldn't decide on a name while I was making it, so let's just say it's called both. Changes her default skin, loa...

mbh11 - 3,624 views
Gay Baron

End homophobia with this Gay Baron skin!

teeth - 8,858 views
Fnatic Akali [IsatiX] - Particles soon -

This replace the original skin Enjoy :)

isatix - 6,400 views
Blue Knight Akali

In the download folder i have a folder named 'Blue Knight Akali (By Weed Da Smoke)" This is for Wooxy if you wan...

Weed Da Smoke - 4,626 views
Pink/Blue/Purple Akali

Created by pvtlink

pvtlink - 3,854 views
Tron Akali | +Custom Particles FOR DEFAULT

----------My Fanpage ----------If u want u can make spotlight on ...

Crauzer - 14,397 views - Updated: 2 years, 2 months ago

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