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Champion: Warwick, The Blood Hunter
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Download + Skinspotlight:

lolchaos - 338 views
Winter White Warwick

Just a simple recolor

milosmml7777 - 1,710 views
Warwick Bloodbath

I always saw that skin as the weirdest of all the game. So here is a softer version of that skin made for some frie...

Corbeau - 1,481 views - Updated: 1 year, 1 month ago
Warwick Visual Upgrade equal to new Splash Art!

I just made the upgrade since new splash art got revealed, now ww is bloodthirsty! It includes the new Splash art and...

Shaco is Not Op - 4,822 views - Updated: 1 year, 4 months ago
Lycan King Warwick (For Base & Skin)

I do support official riot skins but like custom skins to enhance personal experience. This skin ONLY works for Ba...

sasukeocchan - 3,102 views
Crash Bandicoot Warwick

A small project I used to practice remodeling. (For all of you R+C fans, wait for Captain Qwark Mundo!)

alvsgaming - 21,631 views
Ocean Warwick [With Particles]

Recolor of Fire-Wolf Warwick. Added transparency to blue (water) coloring, rock (black) is solid color. Little bit of...

figitstorm - 4,446 views
Red Warwick

Just a recolour :) first one too :D enjoy,

shinyelbowgrease - 3,071 views
Warwick Golden Wolf

Warwick Golden Wolf

yingyoy - 5,620 views
The Icy Warwick-My second skin :)

Hope you like it :)

TryHard Kex - 5,359 views

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