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Champion: Vi, the Piltover Enforcer
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Hextech Vi for base

This custom skin of vi is a recolor of the skin of her gallardo does not own the particles but if the base and the te...

Kelz Kun - 3,857 views
Demon Vi bbth

Link on video: This skin work perfectly if you replace her Demon Vi skin ...

coldsteeljerrico - 8,103 views
Boxer Vi

New model “Thanks to Capwill for fixing some glitches“ Install Method: Wooxy Download Wooxy Size 1.48MB Repla...

Weed Da Smokev2 - 11,571 views
Hell Girl Vi - Demon Vi Recolor (WIP)

(Work in progress) Love the new skin so I thought I'd do a recolor

SkeetVonNeufuzen - 8,780 views - Updated: 1 year, 7 months ago
Moonkind's Vi Mark II

Do not download if you dislike overly feminine features. You have been warned. The skins fairly SFW as long as you do...

Moonkind - 7,771 views
Fnatic Vi

Another skin theme based on the EU organization Fnatic.

Zengher - 6,482 views
Debonair Vi (Recolour) ahhhhh Cross Series

PLS READ!!!!! 1-This is my first custom skin i ever made.This is a recolor of Debonair Vi,If you to have Debonair Vi...

KuroNoKishi - 5,715 views
Ginger Vi

Vi with improved graphics

Dr Grudge - 4,184 views
Gundam Vi To pair with /u/Kyokenshin's Gundam Ezrea...

WAdrianJ - 12,153 views
Commissar Vi

Lot of hand drawn assets, notably the guard emblems on the hat and gauntlets, the goggles, and the shoulders. Now you...

ironangel2k2 - 8,953 views - Updated: 2 years, 1 month ago

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