Leather Chain Yi -- Revisited

Leather Chain Yi -- Revisited

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I recently seen Chesters leather chain Yi and really liked where he was going with it but felt the general look seemed bland so I decided to spice it up without dropping a bomb.
-brighten/darkened to make pieces blend as a set
-made cloth pieces a dark purple
-added a bright blue to 'gem-like' areas.
-annoying balloon tip swords transparent (beard is greyish white; still shows)
NOTE: I don't really have any good programs/know how to use any aka if you see the dds file you will notice the armature job. This was mostly for me since I just unlocked him and decided to share.

Chesters original: http://www.leaguecraft.com/skins/989,Leather+Chain+Yi

I give a thanks to Chesters and (since I didn't take the time to ask) if he feels I stole from him in some way I'll take this down.

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