The Cryo-Colossus (Particles, Icons, Loadscreen +m

The Cryo-Colossus (Particles, Icons, Loadscreen +m

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This skin includes custom:
Spell Icons
Ice Themed Particles
Pentakill Icon

If you have ANY problems with this skin let me know in the comments.

This skin is inspired by Christopho's Frozen Leviathan skin, the Lore and skin idea were used in this skin.

After getting away from the sewers of Zaun, Renekton sought a way to be able to defeat his brother. He had already been defeated once, and wanted to be ready when the time came again. He looked towards the Freljord Mountains. Naturally, Nasus had to be crippled by the opposite element, he thought to himself. He never knew what he was getting into; braving the harsh environment of Freljord, he gave up hope. He plunged into the depths of a crevasse and stayed there, building continuous rage for his weak, pathetic self. Snow started to collect around him, a figure appeared, calling himself Kalas. The mysterious stranger did not talk, he did not move; although, somehow Renekton heard him. He wanted to make a deal with him, if Renekton would slay another Champion already in the Institute of War, Kalas would be willing to grant Renekton absolute control over ice. Renekton saw evil in everything, naturally he accepted. Kalas burst into icicles aimed at Renekton, who surely thought it would be the punishment Nasus never gave him. He felt cold, it wasn't painful nor was it comforting. He opened his eyes, he had been donned in armor from neck to toe, there was an arcane glow to his eyes, and more importantly, he could summon ice at will. Only 2 tasks remained, destroy his sad excuse for a brother, and slay the man known as 'Ryze'

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