Camille (looking like a Fiora Fembot)

Camille (looking like a Fiora Fembot)

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Attention: Leaguecraft won't let me upload the files for some reason, even though they aren't too large. You can download the skin here:!hQAmQbgT!Z_NtVwJ24YLDODo0xiANbaOt9xdEH7YqQv8n4nzZLsQ

Also, this is a Camille skin, NOT a Fiora skin. Unfortunately, leaguecraft doesn't realize that Camille is a champion at this point, so I can't post this in its correct category. However, the skin uses Fiora's old teacher face, so it's a close enough match...

The skin is typical Moonkind style, so if you can't handle that, stay away. There is a nude version over at

Enjoy and merry christmas!

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