Pool Part Ahri V2

Pool Part Ahri V2

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A second version of Pool Party Ahri made by me.

I utilised a Nyotengo model base with swimsuit and different hair parts( from bstylez and MoogleOutFitters, respectively ----> Deviantart), and artist Artgerm digital painting as reference for painting the cloth texture and as Loadscreen.
The skin is NOT PERFECT, you may see some polygons or some parts of clothing and body out of the place (feel free to modify, perfect it or do whatever you see fit). This was my first time trying to make a costum skin, my knowledge in Maya program isnt much, i just followed some tutorials on youtube, so sorry if i did something you would do differently.
Hope you enjoy.

This Skin is for Base_Ahri.

Use Wooxy to install it (recommended). About SIU i dont know, feel free to try.

Programs used:

-XNALara - to export models from deviantart from mesh. to obj.
-3DS MAX - to modify the base model and other things, correct some parts, weld points, etc...
-MAYA - UV Maps, bind skin, paint weights. etc...
-Photoshop - modify textures.
-DXTBmp - to export images to DDS.

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