Snow Grey Bard and the Crested Penguins

Snow Grey Bard and the Crested Penguins

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Have you ever wanted a grey colored Snow day bard while also wanting cuter penguins with big orange eyebrows!? Chances are you didn't... either way I made exactly that. this Snow Day Bard is just a simple recolor that I made (Mostly for myself) that I decided to share. I put only the files I edited to make the file size smaller. While we're on the subject of file sizes, I decided to put this (Along with all of my future skins) on my MediaFire. (Along with an adfly link, pls no hurt me, very poor send halp) So the download link will be below. The Leaguecraft download button above won't have the skin's files and therefore won't work.

-I fixed the Loading Screen champion skin picture


As a heads up to anyone unfamiliar with Adfly, The link to the download will always be in the top right, this is the case for all adfly links ALWAYS, any other spots that say "Your download is here" are ads and I definitely do NOT recommend clicking on them.

This is for the Snow Day Bard skin.
Feedback is always appreciated, I just got into the skin making biz. If you leave Ideas or requests I might do them, along with a shout out of course.


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