Alice Madness returns - Katarina

Alice Madness returns - Katarina

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Hi all.

You loved Katarina when you play the last free rotation with her ?

Here I bring you my new skin for Katarina extracted from Alice madness returns.

It's a fully skin with:

- New animation for ultimate.
- New particles for shunpo.
- Changed face, load screen and icons in client and game.
- 3 skins extracted from Alice madness return: Normal Alice (Normal), Royal Suit (Mercenary) and Steam suit (Pirate).
- Skin ultimate preview and information ready.

Thank you and credits to American Mcgee by do that incredible game called Alice madness returns.

All models and textures are from the game, (I changed a little for league of legends).

All images are from: A great page with a thousand of image of Alice.

I only can put a preview here you had all:

Here you had a video of skin. Thank you to HugeBuffaLoL by do and upload it.

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