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Well, this one I made it all by myself, and it's jut 'cause I wanted to try if I could make it.
It uses Kayle's skeleton and animations, but it's a skin for Karma.
If anyone here has watched Toaru Majutsu no Index anime, he/she will recognize this girl / AIM field / angel / whatever. However, even if you watched it, you will surely not understand why Karma. Well, the main reason comes from the novels (yes, Index has novels, 22 volumes and extras, that makes about 30 volumes). Here, Kazakiri uses her angel form mostly to protect people, using what they call "protection scales", pretty much what you do while using Karma (well, you could also try to play her offensive with heavenly wave, which doesn't counter Kazakiri's way of doing things either). In the end, this is just an experimental skin, and there is a lot to be made yet. I'll be uploading later: 1º: particles. 2º: load screen and splash screen, maybe icons too. 3º: a new texture (I need help with this point, if someone can effectively map the UV's and/or make a good texture, I will be very grateful). 4º: and maybe a new model if I want to correct some weird things (under the skirt, legs aren't as they're supposed to be, but as it's unseen I left it be). The main issue with the skin as it is are the wings (they disintegrate if you look at them from certain angles) and the right hand, which is a little bit creepy.

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