[ANT] Astro Teemo!

[ANT] Astro Teemo!

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I am using the RiotGames model for it. Discriminate all you want, this isn't the real one because it doesn't include AA particles, RiotShroom, or sound effects, let alone anything for that matter. Here is is, enjoy.

1. Download skin
2. Download the newest version of SIU (Skin Installer Ultimate).
3. Click "Add new Skin" at the top lefthand corner.
4. Drag and Drop the files into the SIU.
5. Click add to database at the right.
6. Click "Install Existing Skin"
7. Check the Astronaut skin.
8. Click "Install" at the bottom.
9. Click "Save" when the screen comes up.
10. Check which skin you want to replace.
11. Click "Done"

- Model
- Square and Circle Icons
- New mushrooms
- Run Animation
- Loadscreen
- Champion selection

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Submitted by Annie n Tibbers

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