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ult, sanguine pool and autoattack and transfusion 'orbs' have no been changed.

First attempt at changing the particles as well as the skin turned out alright in my opinion, though the blood ball in his hand looks kinda derp, just imagine it a crystal thingy or something D:

How to install:
First you have to decide what you want
to install the model to replace the default Vlad use the KaelDefault folder to insall this mod.
If you have the blood lord skin use the KaelCharacter AND KaelParticles folders HOWEVER! install them seperatly, you might be prompted when installing the Character folder which Texture you want to replace, replace the one with the /Characters directory in it.

!!IMPORTANT!! The Particles only work if you have the real BloodLord skin, so don't install them if your using KaelDefault

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