Nocturne - Evil Smiles *Update 2.1*

Nocturne - Evil Smiles *Update 2.1*

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Version 2.1
Not a significant update but had recorded a game using League Replay courtesy of and re-recorded with fraps.

Version 2.0
Added two more skins
+One without the blue ice (attempted to make it more like the armor to blend in
+One with a more battle hardened psychopathic feel to it

New Loading screen
Currently only for the "Bloody Nightmare" skin, working on something that fits "Evil Smilez" and "Frozen Smilez"

All three skins are in the file, so please don't try to install like there is only one skin in the pack, as it could crash your game and or cause issues with the installer.

Version 1.0
First skin made, works with the latest version of SIU.
New particles are coming next followed by a loading screen.
Will update the graphics and color scheme later as well.

*Thank you rayquaza88 for informing me of those programs, been lookin' everywhere for em

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