Dark Lord Wukong

Dark Lord Wukong

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*Hey guys, it is my first time making a skin, so please let me know how to improve my "skinning" abilities.

When I first stumbled across LeagueCraft, I didn't like the Wukong skins that were there, not that any of them were horrible, they just weren't what I was looking for. So, I decided I'd make my own.

Now, I'm 20 hours in on this project with no prior knowledge of the software, I slowly figured it out with Skinny's tutorial and just tweaking and messing around by myself, and I'd say I'm more than satisfied with final product.

Some quick notes, this replaces the Lord/General Wukong skin by default, however, I'm sure if you LoL skin installer + lgg 3.312, [ What I am using :) ] You can install it over any other skin no problem.

I've included 2 files, one with shadow clones, and one with blue clones. They are named respectively.

I hope you enjoy the skin, and please leave some feedback, positive or negative!

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