Chaos Harbinger (with Particles)

Chaos Harbinger (with Particles)

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I was one of those people who was in aw of the harbinger loading screen, but almost fainted at the sight of the actual skin. This is my interpretation of what the skin should have been.

I made the armor textures darker, removed the ugly green skin, and changed the particles to a red colour. Overall, the skin gives off a demonic feel, which was what I was going for :P

To install the Skin, you need the latest SIU installer. SIU is the only installer editor right now that can take riot skin editsand use them to replace your default skin.

Make sure that at the end of the installation, you select to replace default not darkblade. If you do it right, it should be 100% working.

Hope you guys enjoy, and go easy on me, its my 1st skin :P

Fixed the void tile particle that was a tad too small, this was causing a tile effect on all of Kassadin's effects.

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