Masquerade Shaco V2.0!

Masquerade Shaco V2.0!

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Decided to do Shaco since he has some of my favorite voice acting from this game.

I had the idea of a masquerade ball being thrown into chaos by one of its attendants having a psychotic stabfest.
Well who better to fit that role than Shaco?
So here is my idea of the costume Shaco would wear to a masquerade ball.

And of course, I couldn't make a shaco skin without a clone, dagger toss, deceive, or jack in the box reskin to go along with them.

So included as well, are full redo's of his particles.

For ease of use place the two folders from into;
Riot Games/League of Legends/game/DATA/Characters

and all files from into;
Riot Games/League of Legends/game/DATA/Particles

Questions or Criticisms?
Leave a comment.

After talking with a few of my friends to brainstorm, which I did after receiving feedback that it wasn't quite up to par.
I decided to do an improvement of my skin.
By added golden vines on the blue, and silver star spangles on the black I feel I have given his costume more of the look you would see from a jester at a masquerade ball.

I decided to update just the main character/clone shots in the screenshot

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