Volibear, the Demacian Grizzly

Volibear, the Demacian Grizzly

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Introducing Volibear, the Demacian Grizzly. Just a quick Demacian retexture I threw together for the cuddly bastard, figured they wouldn't have polar bears in Demacia so he got grizzly-fied (in more ways than one.)

Easy install, just chuck the extracted file into your favourite skin installer and you'll have yourself a big brown buddy on the fields of justice.

Fun Fact; Riot seems to have an aversion to texturing mouths properly. Cassiopeia doesn't actually have a tongue texture or teeth despite space being allocated for them and Volibear's teeth are just a random spot on his texture. Needless to say, I fixed this :D

(in-game pics will come if you REALLY want them, but the preview is pretty accurate)

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