[RYD] Fizz , The Dread Knight[UPDATED]

[RYD] Fizz , The Dread Knight[UPDATED]

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Just a skin I wanted to do for Fizz. There is a custom particle which is his seastone glow on his weapon when u activate it. The other particles were giving me trouble to edit and not showing correctly I will continue to try to solve the issue. There are 3(now 4!) different colors to choose from with 8 different loading screens. The custom loading screen I did is the 3d models of Fizz and the shark. His loading screen was a complete b**ch to edit so if you dont like either loading screens don't install them. SKN and SKL included for everything. Remember if you like it feel free to vote me up....you may get a cookie....no not really...im sorry.. Lol I know it's hard to see but thats a pentagram on his chest.


1) Unzip and select which color you want.
2) Select all files and either the actual loading screen or the custom don't select both.
3) Drop it into SIU, and you're good to go.

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