[FYR] Punk and Joker Asylum Shaco

[FYR] Punk and Joker Asylum Shaco

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Hello guys,

It has been a while. Things have been hectic, yadda yadda.
In case you're curious as to what I've been doing the past few weeks, check out the second preview image.

On topic; here I am, this time releasing two replacement skins for Shaco's Asylum skin. I digged the looks of the skin, so I figured I'd make a skin for it. It's solely Shaco's skin, the clone's skin and the skin for the Jack in the Boxes. I might make loadscreens if a lot of people want me to.

Also, no more packing the way you're used to me packing it. I'm just providing you with the files and a 'ReadMe.txt' that is, supposedly, explaining how to install it using Skin Installer Ultimate. I based this 'ReadMe.txt' on the instructions a user named 'Klena' commented on my Talon skin.

If you feel the tendency to comment, please do so. Whether or not your comment is negative or positive, both can be of use. Even more so if you feel like explaining what it is that you like or dislike about my skins.
Please, please, please, leave comments when you are having issues with installing and/or using this skin. I never mind lending you a hand, or fixing the problem if it's due to a mistake I made.

Credits to RIOT for creating the model and the original texture.
Credits to Klena for providing me with a base ReadMe.txt.

I hope you enjoy!

~ Fyridor.

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