Shyvana, The Dark Dragon Knight V2

Shyvana, The Dark Dragon Knight V2

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Really small tweeks to her loadscreen and made the wing area's of her dragon form blue instead of green.
When installing you'll have to drag and drop -Shyvana_Circle_0-, and -Shyvana_square_0- twice. Then when the dropdown menu pops up. Select one for shyvana then shyvanadragon. This will insure that her in game icons stay the same while she's in dragon form and normally active.

I really like this model out of the 3 so I decided to recolor it to my own personal taste's.
I've changed her flame particles to blue as you can see in the screen shots.

Warning though this will also change all the flame effects other champions and map effects have to blue also. IE: lanterns, annie,brand.

The only real hick up with the recolor is that her flame circle "W" turns out green because of the effects they added to it through code. I tried a lot of different colors to bootleg a blue color but the best I could get was the green you will see.

Normal and Dragon Form Skins, Models

As always two folders 1 if you own the Knight skin and another for a clean install.

Tested and works being installed with SIU 3.292

Thanks again to aminzle for the video preview.

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