Djinn Malzahar Recolour and Chinese Artwork

Djinn Malzahar Recolour and Chinese Artwork

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So it bugged me how the pants and turban of Djinn Malzahar were white while I would have liked them in purple.
For starters I really prefered the Chinese Djinn Artwork and so...
I also deleted Malzahar's scar under the eye, but no one is going to notice anyway :P
And I changed the white eyes to orange, though it is difficult to be seen.

This is replacing the default Malzahar Skin, though you can, like always, simply change that by renaming the .dds file.
I didn't do the Circle/Spuare Files this time, because I like the normal Malzahar ones. But if you want to, I can make them.
This also contains the .skl and .skn files.

I hope you like it^^

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