[Bo0tzy]{SpookyCraft} Nightmare Kayle ~ Particles!

[Bo0tzy]{SpookyCraft} Nightmare Kayle ~ Particles!

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(update 10/28/2011)

I have just finished updating my skin, and I added particles with this! Everyone who has already downloaded please re-download for the updated skin and the particles. Refer to the screen-shots for the new skin and the particles!

- - -

Hey guys!

I had to do something for the contest, so here is my semi-last-minute entry for the 'Spookycraft'contest.

I was very conflicted over what colour to make everything. I also got really frustrated with the end product, but I hope you guys will hopefully like it anyway! Feedback is wanted!

What's new?
- New chest piece
- New colours (outfit, wings, weapon, etc..)
- Added various accessories
- New face
- Mask on her face
- Makeup

Particles you say?
- Most of her spells are now a shade of eerie pink and purple
- Divine Blessing has an entirely new particle consisting of a cute bat and sparkles
- Intervention has more glow, and comes packed with 3 cute bats and sparkles
- Righteous Fury is extremely pink and purple-y and added a glow to the animation of the particles

Thanks always guys!

(btw I forgot an 'I' in particles. gg me.)

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