[RYD] Xerath Reborn (Particles)[UPDATED10/28}

[RYD] Xerath Reborn (Particles)[UPDATED10/28}

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Took me awhile to do this. Didn't want anything to extravagant but I think it came out well. To install use SIU Lite, drag and drop the folder onto the section. It will ask original destination for 1 file and its the very top choice. I couldn't find all of his particles so not everything is changed. If you don't want the minimap icon changed just dont install Xerath_Circle_0.dds located in the 2d Icons folder. If anyone knows the name for the particles for his basic attk and the ults after effect of lightning and let me know I will change them and complete the particles. I normally don't do Loadscreens, but I tried it this time...hope you enjoy!

Everything is included you don't need to find the skeleton or anything just drop the folder in SIU!

I will be changing the minimap icon as I am not liking it, needs to be a circle not a square!(made it a circle but its showing the black around the circle...cant figure it out)

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