Red Championship Riven for Default Skin 100% Parti

Red Championship Riven for Default Skin 100% Parti

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I recolored the textures and particles of the original Championship riven to red. Particles are almost 100%, only Wind Slash has a default green trail like in the photo. The download contains a .txt with a link to dropbox where you can download the file. Be sure to check the readme.txt if you have any problems.

Edit 1: Just found out the particles on units hit by Q are still blue as in the default Championship Riven. Currently working on it.

Edit 2: I don't know how to fix that. It's not really noticeable. The same particles that appear during W animation, appear smaller under units hit by Q, but they are blue like in original Championship Riven.
Added a short spotlight video:

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Submitted by Dindrtahi

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