[Crestfall] Sakuya

[Crestfall] Sakuya

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Following another request, I've made a Sakuya Izayoi skin for Irelia. Sakuya Izayoi is a character from the Touhou series.

She has a hidden Roman clock that only shows up during the activation of Hiten Style, although a small trace of it can be seen normally as well. For those of you who dislike this and want to see the clock permanently, feel free to copy irelia_base_activate_TX_CM.dds and rename it to irelia_base_tx_cm.dds. Replace the original before patching, and the clock will remain visible all the time.

Installation: Everything in the RAF folder goes into ItzWarty's RAFManager. When prompted, always select the last option in the list. If you want to spend less time validating that, feel free to delete the other animations except the _run animations. (They are there in order to make the skin "patch-proof".)
The deploy folder goes in League Of Legends/rads/projects/lol_air_client/releases/0.0.0.(xx)/

Credits: I do not take credit for the artwork. Although I do not know the original author, the wallpaper can be found in numerous places over the internet. My source was 4walled.org (search "Sakuya").

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