Pony cannon for Tristana

Pony cannon for Tristana

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INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip, then simply drag the ''files'' folder into RAF manager, then pack and enjoy ponies!

Somewhere within the miniature towers of Bandle City, the Megling Gunner Tristana starts to hear a familiar hum. That hum, followed by the distinct indigo light surrounding her could only mean one thing... A summoner had chosen her as a representative in the field of battle. With the hum gone and the warm glow fading away, the little warrior unhooked her cannon and looked around.

Something was wrong.

There was no crystal or nexus, or even allies around her. Instead, she found herself in the middle of a gigantic horse-themed amusement park, or an amusement park for horses. She turned around and there was an entrance to an underground shaft, but the entryway was shaped like... the head of a pony? Was that supposed to be a frizzy-haired pink pony?

A sound echoed. Boink boink boink boink boink...

Confused, but not one to turn away from a mystery, she headed inside.

More noises behind her! Boink boink boink boink boink...
Tristana swiveled on her hind leg, but there was nothing behind. Curiouser and curiouser... She turned around again and was met with the living visage of the creature of the entrance, inches from her face! Trist stumbled back onto the ground.
''Hi! My name is Pinkie Pie! What's your name? Wait, what are you doing in my lab? Only I know about my lab. hmmm. Oh! Are you a scary person? You don't look scary. In fact, you're kinda cute! I like you. What's your name? Whooooooah, that's a huge cannon! Can I play with it? Huh? Huh?''
''I'm Tristana, of the Megling Commandos. What are you?''
''Hee hee! I told you, I'm Pinkie Pie, of Ponyville. Now what's that? Ooooooooh.''
''This? This is my cannon.''
''That's GREAT! I've always wondered what it would be like to be a cannon!''
''What? I--''
''No, wait. Not the cannon. That would be weird. Hmmm... Oh, I know! I'll be right back!''
The strange little pony known as Pinkie Pie bounced off into the darkness. Boink boink boink boink boink...
Tristana got up. ''What just...''
''I'm back!''
Trist whizzed around ''What?! How did you get behi--''
Pinkie pressed a button on the wall. With a pink flash, the cannon disappeared.
Tristana stuttered ''What.. but my--''
Then, a long silence. Pinkie glared at where the cannon was for an awkward eternity, then screamed. ''EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE OmigoshOmigoshOmigoshOmigosh it's INTERDIMENSIONAL TRAVEL!!!'' She turned to Tristana, yelling inches from her face ''Take. Me. With. You.''
Without saying a word, Pinkie reached behind her and brought out a giant pink cannon, slightly smaller than Trist's old one and put it in Tristana's arms.
''Uhh thanks?''
''Oh, We need something... I know!'' Pinkie lit up and bounded off into the darkness once again.

Boink boink boink boink boink... Boink boink boink boink boink...

Pinkie came back with a device strapped around her chest ''With this, I can make things explode from far away! Now we need a place for the power pack. Here we go!'' She hopped over Tristana and emptied out her ammo bucket, replacing it with little replicas of herself.
With another bound over the yordle, Pinkie climbed into the cannon, then stuck her head out ''Right then! Let's go!''

Tristana heard the familar hum of a summoner's call once again. As the light enveloped her, with Pinkie grinning from ear to ear, she couldn't help but think 'this is so weird.'

I am unfortunately not affiliated with Studio B, Hasbro, or My Little Pony in any way except that I love them all so much :P I just did the legwork for the mod. You can thank http://flamingo1986.deviantart.com/ for designing the cannon.

Anyways, please enjoy the mod. I spent a lot of time and care into making it. Unless I decide to update it, right now it overwrites the default and Riot Girl Tristana skins.


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