Vengeful Succubus

Vengeful Succubus

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Completely retextured and recolored skin so as to fit into `demonic theme`.
What's new:
- reworked dress
- metal armor parts
- slightly altered face, make-up & hair
- new bracelets, bands and decorative elements
- 100% reworked waistcoat
- fishnet gloves, black-dyed fingernails (original one has no fingernails at all)
- additional chains and metal pieces
- new particles covering all of her abilities and attacks
- redone weapon: bloody lunar rod!

Now it is high time to show that Soraka has great potential. Give tit for tat - annihilate all OP tanks with new, deadly weapon and harass them with deathstars falling from the sky!
It is much more detailed than the original one, thus - imo - it looks better in-game than on photos but it is up to you whether you want to give it a try or not. Installation process is very easy: well-known RAF Manager is all you need.

Thank you,

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