[Crestfall] Maid Irelia (Hisui)

[Crestfall] Maid Irelia (Hisui)

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As requested by TabrisXX, I have created a maid skin for Irelia, which is based off Hisui from Tsukihime. Irelia uses a different suit while in Hiten Style, which is loosely Kohaku-themed.

Installation: Drag the RAF (and RAF Optional, if you want the ultimate to be changed) folders into ItzWarty's RAFManager, and always select the last option when asked.
If you prefer the Hiten Style color scheme, you can switch around irelia_base_TX_CM.dds and irelia_base_activate_TX_CM.dds before patching.

Trivia: Tsukihime is a great visual novel. If you like visual novels, or if you don't know what they are but like anime, try it out.

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