Blizzard Riven (Recolor + Particles)

Blizzard Riven (Recolor + Particles)

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Here we go again. I like Riven pretty much, as she is...lets say very similar to a Claymore.^^

In remembrance of the Battle of Pieta i made this Blizzard skin. Recolored the skin and made new particles. (watch all 4 Pics). Also fixed her up a bit (acid-burns and bandages are no more^^)

Critique and opinions are welcome, but i dare you to say something like: its so bright, my eyes get hurt - they supposed to get hurt, its about a blizzard, not a snowflake |=|=5

Well, i hope you like it aswell. Rate and Comment pls, need moar feedback :)

Ok, no idea why, but i cant upload all 4 pics atm, so i i remade the preview and made 2 instead. If you want to see it in better quality, either install it, or watch it on those thumbnails in the release thread:

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