[FYR] Revised Riven - Paladin Pack

[FYR] Revised Riven - Paladin Pack

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[This is only one part of my Riven skin bundle]
[That's the other part. I had to split them up to reduce file size]

Included as of now; Ultimate Fix!
This will, most likely, make Riven look the way she's supposed to look when you use her ultimate. If not, I will have to get into the particle business to fix this issue. I need some confirmation on whether or not it works, thanks!

Hey guys!

It's Fyridor here, with yet another custom skin release. I'm sorry I'm a little late, but as you can see I made 10 designs and could not decide which one to focus on, so I improved every single one of them until I was satisfied enough. I'd usually have a skin for a new champion up faster than that, but then again, I don't usually make 10 designs for a new champion, haha.

So, I'd appreciate you commenting, voting and whatnot, as it can greatly improve my work. I also still take requests, but keep in mind that I have other items on my agenda. On top of that, if I take a request but it just doesn't turn out to be a good skin, I might cancel the project.

This bundle includes:
- RAF/SIU sorted folders with all the files. [Currently these are the only ones that have the AIR Client Images]
- My own installation method, also know as the older one. I know it's hard and stuff, but it's still the best way to install a skin, to me anyway. [This one currently does NOT have the AIR Client Images]
- The Redeemed Riven model. (Credits to RIOT Inc.)
- 6 skins for the Redeemed Riven model.
-- Black Paladin
-- Blue Paladin
-- Red Paladin
-- Dark Black Paladin
-- Dark Blue Paladin
-- Dark Red Paladin

These are all the paladin files I have in store for you. The Dark ones are an earlier experiment where I'd change the armor color too. The regular ones are just slightly modified compared to the original, just to make it look a little better in-game.

Yes, altering the color on the runes was a pain in the ass to do, but I am really glad with the way it turned out to be.

So, I guess that's that. I hope you enjoy the skin!

~ Fyridor.

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