[FYR] Talon Cape Modifications and Extra Colors

[FYR] Talon Cape Modifications and Extra Colors

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I uploaded a beta test for a Talon model. I managed to get rid of my export error, but I am not sure whether or not the skin works now. Usually, RIOT would change the rotation at Tuesday NIGHT, now they already did so on Monday night, apparently. I'll need a pair of testers to help me out here.

Hi there guys,

So, this is a quick upload of a two requests.
The first one is by ChaosDragon, basically commenting that he wanted Cape Modifications on every released Talon skin.
The second one is by PeacyP, who would appreciate a gray and black version of the skin, representing the 'older' Talon Auditore da Firenze and the 'Master Assassin' Talon Auditore da Firenze.
So here you go gentlemen, enjoy!

Read the ReadMe.txt files that I have included!
There are no specific installation instructions involved for the Cape Modifications, I just give you vague instructions which SHOULD make sense. The instructions for both of the additional colors are just a copy from the original Talon Auditore da Firenze installation instructions. You have to be creative and think of a step inbetween, as the original Talon Auditore da Firenze skin does NOT have multiple colors and therefore you do NOT need to pick a color to install. This time, you do, but you can figure that out on your own.

This is my first 'remodel', although I wouldn't consider it to be one. They are just simple modifications of the official RIOT model (who I give credit to for doing so). For more complicated remodels, actual remodels if you will, I still need someone to help me out.

I hope you enjoy the skins and stuff! Commenting and rating would be nice, but is not obligatory.

~ Fyridor.

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