[FYR] Talon Auditore da Firenze

[FYR] Talon Auditore da Firenze

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Hey guys,

So I have been working on this skin all day. I know, the concept isn't new, I did this before. I will make up for that by releasing some other Talon skin later on. I have experimented using textures from other images, for the first time on a League of Legends skin. I never do that, but I thought there was a lack of texture on the regular Talon. So, I am curious as to what you think of it. Please leave a comment, perhaps even a rating. If there's something you don't like about the skin, please tell me that too.

So I hereby present you; Talon Auditore da Firenze!

Oh, and also, I am looking for someone with significant skills in Maya to help me out with a skin weight problem. Would be real nice, thank you.

This skin includes:
- Talon Auditore da Firenze Skin
- Talon Auditore da Firenze Loadscreen
- RIOT's official model

~Requested by RedMetal~
- In-Game Circle and Square Icons
[Located in the ''[FYR] Circle and Square Icons.rar'']

~Requested by Germich3~
- AIR Client replacements (The images at, for example, champion information)
[Located in the ''[FYR] AIR Client replacements.rar'']

~Created by Klena~
- 'Skin Installer Ultimate ReadMe.txt' (Please, check these out if you use Skin Installer Ultimate!)

Have fun using it, I hope you like it!

~ Fyridor.

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