Chopper Ezreal

Chopper Ezreal

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Hi there!
My name is Alfredo, Charles Stain in game. I play on the North America servers since early 2010. I recently started learning, playing and loving Ezreal thanks to the awesome player called Wictor Dolk (Win10Cent on Leaguecraft).
When I'm not playing LoL I study Informatic and other geeky stuff, and within 6 months I'll get my master in Computer Science. I'm an hobbyst photoshop user and Maya modeler, so I've realized this skin in my free time.
It's my first work at all, and I hope you will like it! I'm very proud of the result!
I've even slightly enhanced the 3D model, but unfortunately something went wrong during the exporting, so I'm including here only the .dds file. Btw, the result is pretty good in game, even with the Ezreal classic model.
I hope you will like it!
Please rate and comment, and give me suggestion about how to make it better and better!


ps. If you liked this skin and want to help me in some way, help me get a free t-shirt from Greenpeace clicking this link:

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