Championship Riven (replaces Base and Crimson Elit

Championship Riven (replaces Base and Crimson Elit

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Hello all. This Championship Riven skin has all working particles and the sword is positioned correctly.

When it asks you what path, just choose the longer one (Data/characters/riven/base/particles).

cheers! :)

Extra Info:
None of you have any idea how long it took to make this skin for base and especially for
Crimson elite. I had to position and edit the model of her ult sword and its glow from scratch.
I will not make it for battle bunny or dragonblade because I do not own those skins and it is
impossible to make it for Redeemded skin unfortunately. This is because for whatever reason
Riot made the model plane for that skin's ult sword upside down so to make it work, I'd have to
edit the actually model her sword and flip it and to my knowledge that is impossible without
Riot's exclusive .sco exporter for Autodesk Maya. I have found file converters and .sco exporters
made by random people but none have worked. Also, the reason the glow looks different for crimson
elite skin is because the plane of the original one is too small for the championship one to fit.
I had to chop off and change it a bit to make it look somewhat normal. No matter how much I changed
the image, it wouldn't move past a certain point. It looks pretty good still though I think.

-King Zerachiel

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