Proper Crocodile Galactic Renekton Reuploaded

Proper Crocodile Galactic Renekton Reuploaded

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Good news all the people interested in my skin! I managed to salvage the skin from RAF archives and now it's here, as it should be.

I like the galactic skin for Renekton. It doesn't have any unnecessary clutter neither on his head nor anywhere else. On top of that it's relatively cheap which is good for those who don't like to spend lots of money on skins.

Problem is the default skin, in my opinion, looks terribad because of one thing - the crocodile is WHITE. I mean, how could anyone even come up with such idea in the first place? So I took the default skin, threw it into Photoshop and zap! A properly looking crocodile is now in the game. Sadly it doesn't have any new loading screens but if enough people are interested in this file I might redo them aswell as some adjustments to the skin if people wish so.

For installation use RAF Manager. It might be a bit difficult to figure out some of it's functions but when you do it's a really handy tool for installing or uninstalling skins or extracting anything from the game files for that matter.

Also this is my first submission so please don't be overly harsh.

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