Yorick, the Deathbringer [v.1]

Yorick, the Deathbringer [v.1]

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  • Rating: 72% ( Good )

This champ is really fun to play but that skin... I just had to do something about it.

+enchanced the colors overall;
+dark body from kinda bleak version;
+3 different color schemes;
+fancy loadscreen;
-no particles, as they are quite good and the ghouls aren't really worth the trouble;

Red and Purple - Original - Was my first and best idea. Looks a lot more sinister.
Cyan and Green - Second - It's different, kinda resembles the original. Guess this would be a better original.
Blue and Gold - Third - Pretty good, I think. Depends on your taste

This is what you're getting for now. If the champ grows on me I might update. Have fun playing with Yorick and thanks for the downloads and feedback ;)

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