[FYR] Rammus - The Revised Ninja

[FYR] Rammus - The Revised Ninja

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Hello guys,

Here I am again, this time releasing my revised Ninja skin for Rammus. This skin is quite a pain to pack for you guys, as you have to replace alot. So please; follow the instructions, they are included with the file.

If you feel the tendency to comment, please do so. Whether or not your comment is negative or positive, both can be of use. Even more so if you feel like explaining what is so good or so bad about the skins.

- White Ninja Rammus
[Loadscreen included]
- Red Ninja Rammus
[Loadscreen included]
- Blue Ninja Rammus
[Loadscreen included]
- Black Ninja Rammus
[Loadscreen included]

To Do, if requested:
- Splash Screens
- Particles [Might need some help here]

-EDIT- 16-05-2011: 5.000 View Mark! Thanks guys!
-EDIT- 16-05-2011: 250 Download Mark! Aaaawesome! ;D
-EDIT- 25-05-2011: 500 Download Mark! Jolly good!
-EDIT- 05-06-2011: 7.500 View Mark! Great Scott!


P.S. I take suggestions for other recolors. I can't work with any 3D program at the moment, but I'm thinking of learning that in the future. For now you can just give some suggestions. I'll see which ones I can work out. :)

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