[FYR] Vayne Auditore da Firenze

[FYR] Vayne Auditore da Firenze

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Hello guys.

This is one of my most recent reskins and I figured I'd share it with you.
If you want to comment, feel free to do so, both negative and positive remarks are appreciated.

I have included instructions on how to install this skin.

- Vayne Auditore da Firenze
[Loadscreen included]

To Do, if requested:
- Splash Screens
- Particles [Might need some help here]

-NEW- I included some screenshots in the download file. They have a separate .rar file.

-EDIT- 13-05-2011: 10.000 views mark, great! :D
-EDIT- 14-05-2011: 500 download mark, thanks guys!
-EDIT- 18-05-2011: 20.000 views mark, oh my God. Incredible! :)
-EDIT- 20-05-2011: 1.000 download mark, truly amazing. :O
-EDIT- 25-05-2011: 30.000 views mark, great Scott!
-EDIT- 26-05-2011: 2.000 download mark, speechless... Just that. Speechless.
-EDIT- 05-06-2011: 40.000 views mark, keep them coming!


P.S. I take suggestions for other recolors. I can't work with any 3D program at the moment, but I'm thinking of learning that in the future. For now you can just give some suggestions. I'll see which ones I can work out. :)

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