[JinhStyle] Jax the Vagabond

[JinhStyle] Jax the Vagabond

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Just a simple retexture of the original Jax skin, this was actually done for my friend (nicknamed Jinh) but I've decided to release it.

This mod includes loadscreens, splash screens for the PVP.net Client etc.

Extract the .rar and copy both the 'air' and 'game' folder into the League of Legends folder, and overwrite when prompted. If you have downloaded a Jax skin before that may have changed the model of the original skin, please go to the 'League of Legends\game\DATA\Characters\Armsmaster' folder and delete the Armsmaster.skl and Armsmaster.skn.

For a full preview of the splash screen please go to the link below:

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