"Complete" Concept Art Irelia +

quot;Completequot; Concept Art Irelia +

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I do not take any credit whatsoever for this skin, I only did a minor edit on MyNeighbourTrololo's Prenerf Irelia and mixed SylphineSnowphire's Iselia's face and hair with it. ALL CREDITS BELONG TO THEM.

@SylphineSnowphire & MyNeighbourTrololo: I'm sorry for not contacting beforehand but if I could release this under your names I would - I simply just want to get this out there.

What I can take credit for however is the background art on the splash screen which is entirely my own drawing, the concept art for Irelia belongs to Riot Games and Eduardo Gonzales.

My only aim with this mod is to simply realize the perfect "Prenerf" (quote MyNeighbourTrololo) Irelia by adding a full splash art as well as loading screen etc. with the edited skin.

For a full preview of the splash screen please go to the link below

Installation -
Simply copy both the 'air' and 'game' folder into the League of Legends directory and when prompted, overwrite the files.

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