[Asyrus] Spidermumu - Spidy's little helper v2.1

[Asyrus] Spidermumu - Spidy's little helper v2.1

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Direktlink: http://leaguecraft.com/skins/download/?id=5277

Hello folks, its me again, bringing you Spidermumu v2.1!!!
I have read through your suggestions and i found some quite interesting,
so i decided to make some bigger changes to my skin.

This skin includes:
-NEW changed Spidermumu skin with black webbing
-New Model
-NEW enhanced Particles, on strong request to make his Q more web-like
-NEW self-drawn Splashscreen, Loadingscreen and Patcherimages!

Install instruction:

LordGregGreg's Skin Installer Ultimate is not supported again!
go to this link and download it:


1. Start SIU
2. Click on the tab "Add New Skin" if not already selected
3. Drag & Drop the whole folder "Spidermumu v2.1 Skin" located in
the same directory as the Readme into the SIU Window
4. If asked to select a "File Location", choose:

It should be the first Option in the drop down bar
Repeat for every asked file
5. Check if any files have been skipped, then hit "OK"
6. Hit "I am done adding files, finalize this skin."
7. Hit "OK"
8. You will be switched to the Tab "Skin Database"
Check the box in front of the skin called: "Spidermumu v2.1"
9. Hit "Install"
10. Hit "Save" and afterwards "OK"
11. Enjoy Spidermumu ingame

v2.1 !!!Thanks to Aminizle for his Videos!!!
v2.1 Removed the white stuff from his clothes :P
v2.0 Complete remake and enhancement
v1.2 fixed the particles, so it should work with the new client, thanks to NicknameMy
v1.1 fixed an icon for the pvp.net client
v1.0 Release

Please rate and comment, if you like my skin and feel free to post suggestions!

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